Topographical Survey

Topographical surveys (or land surveys, as they are sometimes known) enables us to map land and buildings. By incorporating precise monitoring techniques and making use of the latest technology, we can provide you with a wealth of information on all of the land’s key features.

Using this information, we can for example, map out your garden (hyperlink), get the acreage of a woodland (hyperlink), show the boundary extent of your property, show the sloping and contours of the land for drainage.

Topographical surveys are a great help to planners, architects and builders who are working on the development of a particular site.

This useful data can prevent unforeseen risks and reduce costs.

Why Choose Our Topographical Surveys?

We can carry out land surveys for plots of virtually any size. Alongside our topographic surveys we offer floor plans, sections, elevations and orthographic images, all with varying levels of detail.

Our comprehensive topographical maps can be set to Ordinance Survey (OS).

Although our most popular areas are London, Bath, Bristol, Oxford and Reading, we can carry out land surveys anywhere in the United Kingdom.

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