Measured Building Survey

So what exactly IS a measured building survey?

In essence, it is a drawn description of the floor layout indication the positions, locations and dimensions (measurements) of walls, doors, windows, and other meaningful building related items of interest.

These days, measurements are captured using a variety of methods.
Our method involves a combination of fast and accurate terrestrial laser scanners, digital photography, GPS Satellites, and sometimes a good old reliable tape measure.

So whether your property it is Residential, Commercial, Healthcare, Education or Other you can count on Sova to quickly and accurately get pin-point precision measurements of your project.

Our surveys are not limited to homes and hospitals. We can survey ANY size or shape of property and building.

Some examples include:

  • Flats
  • Houses
  • Farmsteads
  • Warehouses
  • Museums
  • Markets
  • Offices


Whichever sector you work in – from residential to corporate, healthcare to educational – we’ll be there to carry out highly accurate measured building surveys when you need us.

Whether you are looking to update existing plans, or create a brand new set of ‘as-built’ drawings, our team of professional surveyors has the experience and the know-how to deliver fast, reliable results.

We offer floor plans, sections, elevations and orthographic images, depending on your unique requirements. We can also tailor our service to heritage standard and listed buildings, where that extra detail within the measured building survey can make all the difference.

Our team will cause minimum disruption at your premises when carrying out your measured survey, making the entire process as efficient and discreet as possible.

We also understand the need for flexibility in today’s busy lifestyle, so although we usually operate on an 8am-6pm schedule, we can arrange out of hours services, and often at short notice.