Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is a method of rapid digital mapping.

Accurate, detailed, quick and quiet – our laser scanning service enables you to capture your project digitally.Data is captured accurately, quickly and quietly in a detailed high definition collection of XYZ coordinate points.The result is a data collection known as a point cloud. From this point cloud, various measurements and calculations can be extracted and used to create 2D CAD or 3D BIM modelling outputs.


Some incredible video(link) visuals can also be created and Mesh Models(link) can also be created. These could even be 3D printed if required.


With the ability to collect hundreds of thousands of individual measurement points per second, laser scanning allows for the collection of millions (or even billions) of measurement points per project.


This incredible technology allows us to measure surfaces and objects from a distance. This cuts down the need for extensive safety measures and also allows previously thought inaccessible areas to be surveyed.

3D-Laser-Scanning by Sova Surveys in Bristol

This rapid collection of data cuts down site survey time by an estimated 70% compared to traditional manual methods.


We generally survey a typical home in a single day. Think about that for a moment. Measuring every aspect of your home that would be required by an architect or designer in one visit.


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