BIM & 3D Modelling

BIM (Building Information modelling) and 3D Model are often mistakenly interchanged, but they have very different implications.

A 3D Model...

is an accurate physical representation of a building into a digital form.


is the process taken to accurately define and gather information (ie Name and number models in accordance with the naming convention as stipulated in PAS 1192 and Conject PCS Protocol) about the individual materials and building processing of a building.

And in order to undertake such an intricate task, you need a strategy.

When can I convert to BIM?

Another misconceived notion is that you can “switch” or “convert” an ongoing project to BIM

By incorporating BIM from the onset, each project is run through an established BIM strategy. This strategy allows for the seamless collaboration of all team members and the effective integration of their information, processes and delivery, ultimately resulting in a successful project delivery.

Our 3D Modelling Service offer levels of detail to suit every need

Recent advances and legislation have seen a huge growth in the number of 3D surveys undertaken as part of the BIM process through the life-cycle of the building. It is also now possible to produce a 3D model of virtually any structure, from relatively straightforward developments to listed buildings.

At Sova Surveys, we specialise in converting 3D point cloud data to 3D models (in Revit and Sketchup format) which form the backbone for any project requiring accurate and smart ‘as built’ models. Our 3D models can incorporate MEP, phasing, materials and conversion to 2D drawings.

We acknowledge that everyone’s needs are unique, which is why we offer different levels of detail to suit your BIM project. To speak to our experienced staff about your next 3D modelling venture, contact us to discuss it.