Topography Survey

Thoulstone Golf Course

In preparation for an improvement and regeneration scheme, this former golf course in Westbury needed a comprehensive topographical survey to aid planning and design schedules.    

Aberystwyth Old College, Wales

Sova Surveys was approached to undertake the 3D Revit measured survey, topographical component, 2D streetscapes and drainage study. Certainly the most challenging Revit deliverable undertaken to date, this beautiful heritage building comprising 4 separate sections was scanned over 2 weeks, modelled over 4 months and has played an integral process in the proposals during refurbishment. …

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Blackdog Cottage, Wiltshire

Blackdog Cottage, Wiltshire

Set in the rural Wiltshire countryside on the Longleat Estate, Blackdog Cottage was in need of some refurbishment. The owners approached us for a survey as a basis to create 2D Drawings for Council building regulations submission. As a historic 14th Century Woodman’s Cottage, the traditional architecture and craftsmanship was evident with large hand-carved beams …

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Knowle Farm, Glastonbury

Knowle Farm required a laserscan to MBS survey for the amalgamation of the outbuildings through a glass link to give the property a modern edge.  To get the ground levels necessary, the clients needed a topographical survey with precise levels and building outlines to inform the complicated glazing geometry. Several Cotswold stone outbuildings to the …

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Melbury Drawing Plans, Bath, Sova Surveys


This lovely local Bungalow situated just outside of Bath came to us directly through the owners after some much appreciated word of mouth. A full survey of the property required all elevations, garage and topographical elements were easily integrated into one comprehensive set of drawings.

St Catherine’s Place

A multi-level office block building which required multiple surveys for a conversion project at stages across the development. The building was scanned once the partitioning was removed to create an open-plan drawing of each floor, a second time once the structural column grid, cladding and windows were stripped back, and a final time to set-up …

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The Old Hall

This beautiful historical and eclectic home had a record number of levels and styles which made surveying and documenting the property a really great challenge for the team. The numerous modern architectural additions over time looked great alongside the rubble stone walls and carved framework detail. In this case, where the building was impossible to …

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There is no such thing as a “typical” home as no two properties are the same, and at SOVA Surveys we treat each residential survey as unique. Based on the location, style and our extensive experience in surveying similar housing typologies, we apply this knowledge and tailor each quote and produce a set of accurate …

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