Laser Scanning

Measured Survey for Wells Cathedral

Wells Cathedral

This iconic church facade was scanned at high resolution and in colour to test the accuracy and detail possible in capturing heritage data. A powerful tool in conservation, the cloud was converted into an orthophoto at scale and can be used at high magnification to assess the structural integrity and degradation of the stonework, allowing …

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Epsom Clock Tower by Sova

Epsom Clocktower

Originally a watchtower which stood from the 17th century, this clock tower was built in 1847 to replace it. It was built of red and Suffolk brick to an impressive 21.33 meters (70 feet), with a heraldic Caen Stone Lion at each corner of the base. In 1867 a bell was added to the tower, …

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St Catherine’s Place

A multi-level office block building which required multiple surveys for a conversion project at stages across the development. The building was scanned once the partitioning was removed to create an open-plan drawing of each floor, a second time once the structural column grid, cladding and windows were stripped back, and a final time to set-up …

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