BIM & 3D Modelling

Aberystwyth Old College, Wales

Sova Surveys was approached to undertake the 3D Revit measured survey, topographical component, 2D streetscapes and drainage study. Certainly the most challenging Revit deliverable undertaken to date, this beautiful heritage building comprising 4 separate sections was scanned over 2 weeks, modelled over 4 months and has played an integral process in the proposals during refurbishment. …

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Blackdog Cottage, Wiltshire

Blackdog Cottage, Wiltshire

Set in the rural Wiltshire countryside on the Longleat Estate, Blackdog Cottage was in need of some refurbishment. The owners approached us for a survey as a basis to create 2D Drawings for Council building regulations submission. As a historic 14th Century Woodman’s Cottage, the traditional architecture and craftsmanship was evident with large hand-carved beams …

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Motion Club, Bristol

A matrix of old warehouse spaces with a cobbled front courtyard and riverside area that has multiple uses. Its famed and foremost use is that of a multi-faceted night club. We created a BIM model exhibiting the structural layout on the building, as well as providing a visual reference for the layout.

Servite House

At SOVA, we do our best to be as minimally intrusive as possible on site, and understand that some projects require flexibility. Servite house, a multi-occupancy social housing scheme, required surveyors to stick to a scanning schedule approved by the homeowners association and jump around to fit into the schedules of the tenants. By calculating …

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Epsom Clock Tower by Sova

Epsom Clocktower

Originally a watchtower which stood from the 17th century, this clock tower was built in 1847 to replace it. It was built of red and Suffolk brick to an impressive 21.33 meters (70 feet), with a heraldic Caen Stone Lion at each corner of the base. In 1867 a bell was added to the tower, …

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