Holburne Museum, Bath

In association with the University of Bath and the Holburne Museum, Sova undertook the laser scanning and Measured Building Survey of this Listed beauty to showcase the advances of Surveying through use of modern methods.

The museum was scanned in colour and medium resolution, during opening hours, with no disruption to gallery function.
This demonstrates the versatility and low-impact this form of surveying can achieve.

From this, our surveyors were able to generate a full Measured Building Survey, 3D model, digital 360 photographic walk-through and video fly-through of the museum.

The Holburne, iconic in its marriage of both Georgian and Modern styles through sensitive architectural design, turned out to be a great metaphor for how both laser-scanning and traditional survey can work together.

We are proud to have worked with both the university and the museum in capturing forever the beauty of one of the most prestigious buildings in Bath.

Project Details

December, 2015




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