Aberystwyth Old College, Wales

Sova Surveys was approached to undertake the 3D Revit measured survey, topographical component, 2D streetscapes and drainage study.

Certainly the most challenging Revit deliverable undertaken to date, this beautiful heritage building comprising 4 separate sections was scanned over 2 weeks, modelled over 4 months and has played an integral process in the proposals during refurbishment.

Dubbed the ‘Hogwarts’ of Aberystwyth, the sandstone carved window and door frames, decorative facade features and vaulted ceiling structures were all modelled individually. The model was also carefully orchestrated with related floors particular to each section, overall floor plans for design usage, and located correctly to enable overlays of the topographical and neighbouring building surveys, as well as collaboration with other service providers.

It required the most scans for a single project undertaken to date by Sova (+4500), over the largest square area, and to the most complex heritage geometry.



Project Details


BIM & 3D Modelling, Measured Building Survey, Topographical Survey, Heritage, 3D Visualisations.

Aberystwyth, Wales

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BIM - Aberystwyth All far
Quadrangle Central Academic 1 Academic 2 Topography


BIM - Aberystwyth Quad Hall 3D Visualisation


BIM - Aberystwyth Central 3D Visualisation

Academic 1

BIM - Aberystwyth Quad Hall 3D Visualisation

Academic 2

BIM - Aberystwyth Old Library 3D Visualisation


Topographical Survey - Aberystwyth





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