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The team at Sova Surveys are specialists in their field and combine extensive knowledge and sector expertise with a can-do attitude. This means that our building surveyors deliver fast, accurate and affordable turnaround times for your building survey projects.

We always take huge amounts of pride in our work and on making sure we deliver the highest quality for clients across Bristol, the South West and the UK.
We can offer standard specifications or we can customise them to suit your specific needs.

Our expert services include

Building surveys,

Topographical surveys,

2D survey drafting,

BIM & 3D Modelling,

Laser scanning data capture












Our Recent Projects

Our measured surveys differ hugely as does our clients and here is some of our projects for you to see.

Thoulstone Golf Course

In preparation for an improvement and regeneration scheme, this former golf course in Westbury needed a comprehensive topographical survey to aid planning and design schedules.    

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Aberystwyth Old College, Wales

Sova Surveys was approached to undertake the 3D Revit measured survey, topographical component, 2D streetscapes and drainage study. Certainly the most challenging Revit deliverable undertaken to date, this beautiful heritage building comprising 4 separate sections was scanned over 2 weeks, modelled over 4 months and has played an integral process in the proposals during refurbishment. …

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Blackdog Cottage, Wiltshire

Set in the rural Wiltshire countryside on the Longleat Estate, Blackdog Cottage was in need of some refurbishment. The owners approached us for a survey as a basis to create 2D Drawings for Council building regulations submission. As a historic 14th Century Woodman’s Cottage, the traditional architecture and craftsmanship was evident with large hand-carved beams …

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Knowle Farm, Glastonbury

Knowle Farm required a laserscan to MBS survey for the amalgamation of the outbuildings through a glass link to give the property a modern edge.  To get the ground levels necessary, the clients needed a topographical survey with precise levels and building outlines to inform the complicated glazing geometry. Several Cotswold stone outbuildings to the …

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Bardolph, London

A beautiful London property representing the typical English row-house, modeled to our LOD3 standard.    

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Holburne Museum, Bath

In association with the University of Bath and the Holburne Museum, Sova undertook the laser scanning and Measured Building Survey of this Listed beauty to showcase the advances of Surveying through use of modern methods. The museum was scanned in colour and medium resolution, during opening hours, with no disruption to gallery function.This demonstrates the …

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Brock & Innes House

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Motion Club, Bristol

A matrix of old warehouse spaces with a cobbled front courtyard and riverside area that has multiple uses. Its famed and foremost use is that of a multi-faceted night club. We created a BIM model exhibiting the structural layout on the building, as well as providing a visual reference for the layout.

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South Horrington Village, Somerset

Once a county asylum that was first opened in 1848, it was replaced by Tone Vale Hospital in 1897. Mentally infirm patients and long-stay elderly were housed until here until it finally closed in 1991, when the buildings were converted into houses and apartments. Renowned architect Sir George Gilbert Scott, known for many outstanding designs …

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Servite House

At SOVA, we do our best to be as minimally intrusive as possible on site, and understand that some projects require flexibility. Servite house, a multi-occupancy social housing scheme, required surveyors to stick to a scanning schedule approved by the homeowners association and jump around to fit into the schedules of the tenants. By calculating …

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